Notice Board

  • The June 2014 issue of our Newsletter is now available for downloading from here. Our previous 70 newsletters, from February 1984 to September 2007, are also available on demand. Please bring a blank writable disc (CD is sufficient) or USB drive if you wish to obtain copies.
  • The 2014-2015 Entertainment Memberships are now available through BDOC! Order your new 2014-2015 Canberra Entertainment Membership from BDOC and 20% of your Membership purchase contributes to fundraising for the Club. The traditional Entertainment Book can be purchased through the BDOC Office, and the Digital Membership can be purchased through this website. Don't forget to reference BDOC when registering your 2014-2015 Entertainment Membership
  • Due to high volume of unwanted ad faxes we receive, our fax machine is now configured to accept faxes only if the sender fax number is registered as ID. If you were trying to fax us and unsuccessful, please check if your own number is registered with your machine.
  • We are still desperately in need of more people volunteering to run the Club. Please have a look here and register your interest!
  • Three sets of Amigo T5R5 system to assist handlers with hearing problems are now available for hire during the training (funded by ACT Govt). Please contact the office if you wish to take advantage of this nifty Assistive Listening Device (ALD). It's free of charge!