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BDOC Response to COVID-19

Posted Wednesday 15th April 2020.

On Friday 10th April, we were advised by Dogs ACT that their ban on affiliate-run events had been extended until the end of August 2020.

The BDOC committee has met in response to this news, and we wish to advise you of the following impacts on our club. Please note that the below information may change if we receive new advice from Dogs ACT, so we advise our members to follow us and also Dogs ACT on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news. Members will also receive emails from us if the below arrangements change.

Canine Companion Classes

The start date for Session 2 has been postponed until Thursday 3rd September and Sunday 6th September 2020. Unfortunately, this late start will mean that we will not be able to offer our usual five sessions in 2020. Our final session for the year will be Session 3, which will commence on Thursday 29th October and Sunday 1st November. Both Session 2 and Session 3 will be seven weeks in length and teams will be assessed on an ongoing basis in class by their instructors.

The updated dates for classes can be found on our website.

For our canine companion teams, we have created a new Facebook group to allow our instructors to keep in touch with you during the training suspension. Please join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/833331133812047/.

Dog Sports

All dog sport classes, events and trials will be cancelled until Tuesday 1st September 2020. Please join your dog sport’s Facebook groups to stay informed and to keep in touch with your instructors and your classmates during the training suspension.

Club Memberships

As we are unable to offer our usual number of classes in 2020, the following arrangements have been made for our new and existing members.

New members who are booked in to start in Session 2:

Your enrolment will be held until Session 2 classes begin in early September. You will receive an email from our canine companion team in late August with more information.

When you joined the club, you would have paid a joining fee ($80), membership for one session ($40), and activity fee/s for one session ($20 per dog). These fees would have provided you with membership and canine companion classes for Session 2 only.

As your start date has been delayed until September, your membership will now be valid until 31 December 2020. You will need to renew your membership in January 2021 in order to continue classes at BDOC, and this renewal will then bring your memberships in line with our other members who will be required to renew their memberships at the end of Session 2 in 2021.

Existing members

In recognition of the reduced classes we are able to offer in 2020, you will not be required to renew your memberships by the usual due date of 31 July. The 2020 renewal period for existing memberships will be from 1 July until 31 August 2020.

We have also reduced the fees for your 2020-21 membership as we will not be able to run classes until September 2020. The fees for 2020-21 follow the structure set for members who join in Session 4 (August / September), and will be as follows:

  • $100 membership fee – reduced from $120
  • $50 activity fee (per activity per dog) – reduced from $60

Renewals for 2020-21 will open in July and the forms will be made available to you via our website towards the end of June.

We understand that this may be a financially difficult time for some, and are currently working on accommodations that can be made for our members who may require more time to pay their renewal fees.

For those of you who are in a more stable financial position, there will also be an option to renew your membership at the regular rate, to help us offset our reduced income for 2020 due to our inability to run classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Annual General Meeting

We have decided to push our AGM back from its usual date in late August. At this stage, we plan to hold our AGM in October. Our current committee shall remain unchanged until we are able to hold the AGM for 2020.

Annual Awards

As we have been unable to hold classes and all ANKC events have also been suspended for the majority of 2020, all annual club awards, including canine companion and dog sports awards, will be held over a two-year period. The new award period shall be from 1 November 2019 until 31 October 2021.

BDOC Response to COVID-19

Posted Wednesday 18th March 2020. Last updated Wednesday 1st April 2020.

All official training activities at BDOC will be suspended from Monday 23rd March until Monday 27th April (inclusive), in accordance with advice received from Dogs ACT.

Canine companion classes will still be held this week (Thursday 19th March and Sunday 22nd March), but we urge our members to use their discretion and common sense when deciding whether to attend classes. Dog sport classes may be held this week, please refer to your sport’s Facebook page or email your dog sport rep.

If you do attend classes this week, please practice good hygiene, maintain appropriate social distancing (1.5m) while on club grounds. Please do not attend the club grounds if you are feeling unwell, or if you are aware that you have had contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

This suspension of training activities also means that the start of Session 2 will be postponed. At this stage we are aiming to commence Session 2 on Thursday 30th April and Sunday 3rd May, but this will be dependent on advice received from the government, Dogs ACT, and also on the availability of instructors. Dogs ACT have stated that they will provide an update to their members and affiliates by Monday 27th April, and we will advise our members of any changes to this plan as soon as we are able.

All new members for Session 2 can be assured that they will have their spot reserved for when we are able to commence Session 2.

In order to ensure that we can still get through five sessions this year, we have reduced the length of each session to 7 weeks. Assuming that classes resume as planned, the session start dates will be as follows:

  • Session 2: Thursday 30th April and Sunday 3rd May
  • Session 3: Thursday 2nd July and Sunday 5th July
  • Session 4: Thursday 20th August and Sunday 23rd August
  • Session 5: Thursday 15th October and Sunday 18th October

Due to the change in session dates, we have also pushed back the opening of applications for Session 3. If you are hoping to enrol for Session 3, please note that we will begin accepting applications for Session 3 from the beginning of Session 2.

BDOC regrets any inconvenience caused by the suspension of our training activities. As a community organisation we are committed to upholding the health and wellbeing of our volunteers, our members, and our community. We would like to encourage our members to be mindful of their own health and wellbeing in the current stressful situation, and to be kind to each other.

As you would be aware, this is a developing health emergency and this advice may change. We are committed to providing our membership with any relevant updates that will affect access to our club grounds and classes in a timely fashion.

The BDOC Office will also be closed during this period, but email channels will continue to be monitored. If you contact us by email, please be patient as our volunteers are also dealing with extra pressures in their work and home lives.