Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting the Club via email or telephone, please read through the following list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find the information you're after below, please contact us.

How do I join BDOC? And how much does it cost?

Please follow the steps outlined on the Joining BDOC page. The fee structure can be found on the Membership Fees page.

When can I start classes?

Session start dates are detailed on the Session Dates page. Please note that our classes are subject to availability, so please check the website and Twitter feed for the latest on class availability.

What is the difference between Beginners, Bronze, Silver and Gold classes? Where do I start?

The majority of new members will start at the Beginners level, and then will progress onto Bronze, then Silver, then Gold level class. Some exceptions are made for dogs that have undertaken previous obedience training (above a puppy school level), please email us if you think this would apply to you.

What are the times for the Canine Companion classes?

The canine companion classes are held on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8pm, and on Sunday mornings from 9am to 10am.

My puppy is only 4 months old and tiny! What sort of dogs will be in our Beginners class?

Our Beginner dogs are divided into classes based on their age and sometimes size. We usually split our Beginners into three groups: puppies (3 to 6 months old), adolescents (6 to 12 months old), and adults (1 year and above), but this will depend on the spread of ages in your intake session.

Do we have to attend any other courses before starting at BDOC?

No, our Beginner level classes assume no level of prior training for both handler and the dog.

My dog is reactive to other dogs, will he be welcome in class?

This depends on your dog's level of reactivity. Most dogs find the Club environment to be very exciting (especially at first). If your dog is not coping, your instructor will talk to you about steps that you can take to make things easier for them.

All handlers with dogs who are 6 months or older when they begin classes with us are required to submit a Dog Profile Form along with their application form. Please use this form to honestly describe your dog's issues as best you can. Our instructors will review this information prior to classes starting and may contact you for further information if required.

Please note that due to the group structure of our classes our instructors are unable to provide the one-on-one assistance required for dogs that have serious behavioural issues, such as over-excitement or aggression towards people and/or other dogs. Where dogs are unable to focus and learn in a group situation, we recommend seeking advice from a behavioural expert, prior to enrolling in obedience classes. Please feel free to contact us via email if you are unsure whether our classes would be suitable for you and your dog.

I have more than one dog, can I train them all at the Club?

Yes you can, but you can only handle one dog per class. For example, if you have two dogs, you will either have to enlist the help of a family member (must reside at the same address as the main handler on the Club membership and must be registered as a handler with the Club) to handle the second dog, or you will need to bring one to class on Thursday and the other on Sunday.

If you wish to train more than one dog in a dog sport, you will need to seek approval from one of the coordinators of your sport of choice.

I just want to enrol my dog in a dog sport. Is this possible?

Yes! You must first join the Club as a member and pay the appropriate fee for your dog sport. You may be required to put your name down onto a waiting list for your sport (and in this case you would only need to pay the dog sport fee when you are accepted into the sport).

Do you offer one-on-one training?

No, we only offer training in groups. If you require one-on-one training, please send us an email and we can refer you to a trainer.

Can I bring my children to watch the class?

Yes, the Club encourages you to bring along other members of your family to class, but we prefer that the same person handle the dog each week.

Can my daughter be the primary handler for our dog?

Children must be 12 years or older to handle the dog in class, and children below 15 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

It's been raining all day, will class still be on?

Canine Companion classes are very rarely cancelled! Classes will only be cancelled if conditions are unsafe or if the grounds are not accessible. Please read the Canine Companion Adverse Weather Policy for more information. In these rare cases, please check our Facebook page for cancellation announcements.

Dog sport classes may be cancelled due to weather, as rain can make the grounds and the equipment unsafe to train on. If your class is cancelled, you will be notified by your instructor or the coordinator for your sport.

I've just finished Beginners, now what?

Once you've finished Beginners, the next step is to go up to Bronze canine companion class! You'll be sent a link before the next session starts to sign up for a class in the next session.

Do you offer grounds use only membership?

Our facilities are in high demand by the club, so we do not offer memberships for grounds use only.