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Canine Companion Classes

BDOC's Canine Companion training syllabus is primarily based on positive reinforcement training methods designed to develop wanted behaviours and ignore behaviours that are not wanted. We can help you teach your dog to become a 'good citizen' in our human society, including having good manners around people and other dogs, house training, leash manners and other things that can make a dog a much more pleasant companion.

Training at BDOC is provided in a group class situation, which is a valuable environment for allowing dogs to improve their social skills and ability to focus around distractions. The syllabus is structured so that as new skills are taught, each handler and dog is refining and building upon the skills they have already gained.

We accept fully vaccinated and sociable dogs of all breeds from 12 weeks and up. For owners of very young puppies, we suggest that they also enrol their puppies into a professionally run puppy preschool, where puppies can start their education and socialisation with other people and dogs before their vaccination schedules are complete. A well run puppy class provides an excellent foundation for future training in our canine companion classes.

There are four levels of Canine Companion classes at the Club. The first three levels (Beginners, Bronze and Silver) teach the basic requirements for a well-mannered dog. The fourth level, the Gold Canine Companion level, teaches more advanced life skills for you and your dog.

The Beginners classes consist of a lecture for handlers (without dogs) in Week 1, followed by seven weeks of class instruction. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels each consist of seven weeks of class instruction plus one week of assessment.

Please note that due to the group structure of our classes our instructors are unable to provide the one-on-one assistance required for dogs that have serious behavioural issues, such as aggression towards people and/or other dogs. Where dogs are unable to socialise in a group situation, we recommend seeking advice from a behavioural expert, prior to enrolling in obedience classes. Please feel free to contact us via email if you are unsure whether our classes would be suitable for you and your dog.