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Class Overview

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Behaviours that are taught in our canine companion classes include walking on a loose lead, good manners at meal times, sitting and laying down, stays, steadiness for people and dogs, tricks, recalls, and many more. Full details of the behaviours taught in each level are available in the Members' Handbook.

Beginners Canine Companion Class

This is an introductory class and provides the basic foundations for a well-mannered canine companion. Classes are open to all dogs from 12 weeks of age and older (you can teach an old dog new tricks!). Beginner dogs are usually grouped into classes according to their age and size.

Bronze Canine Companion Class

The Bronze classes build on the basic behaviours taught in Beginners and teach your dog to be focussed around a greater degree of distractions and to maintain a higher degree of self-control.

Silver Canine Companion Class

The Silver classes build on the behaviours taught in the Bronze class and teach your dog to be focussed around a greater degree of distractions and to maintain an even higher degree of self-control. Dogs that graduate with the BDOC Silver Canine Companion Certificate will be well mannered canines and their handlers will have gained sufficient dog training skills so that they can cope with most situations that arise in their lives with their dogs. Dogs which have gained their Silver level certificate will also have a good foundation for future training in dog sports offered by the Club.

Gold Canine Companion Class

The Gold Canine Companion Certificate is the highest level of achievement in the BDOC Canine Companion Syllabus. Training at this level provides an opportunity for the handler and dog to extend their skills beyond the basic canine companion behaviours, such as walking off lead and an emergency stop.