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What to Bring to Class

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Handlers are recommended to bring the following equipment to Canine Companion classes:

What to Wear to Class

Appropriate clothing for your dog includes:

Classes are run irregardless of the weather, so you should make sure you dress appropriately for the weather, including:

Training Equipment

The following items are essential for the exercises covered in class:

Attendance Cards

Each dog that is participating in Canine Companion classes will have a yellow attendance card which is used to monitor your attendance and progress.

At the beginning of each session, the cards for dogs in Bronze, Silver or Gold can be found filed by family name on the tables outside the Clubhouse. Cards for Beginners dogs will be distributed by the Beginners class instructors. In subsequent weeks, the attendance cards are found on the white card board under your instructor’s name.

When arriving at the Club for Canine Companion classes each week, handlers must collect their dog’s attendance card from the card board located outside the Clubhouse. This area becomes very busy before class, so we recommend that you leave your dog in your vehicle while you collect your attendance card. Please ensure that you arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time of your class in order to collect your dog’s attendance card and join your class on time.