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Training Philosophy

Who trains the dog? The handler does! An essential element of dog training is to build a bond between dog and handler, at the same time reinforcing positive traits and suppressing negative traits. The handler is trained at the Club, and uses these skills to train their dog both in class and during the week at home.

The Club's philosophy of training is to teach the dog behaviours through positive reinforcement, where the dog is encouraged to exhibit behaviours that the handler wants and when it does so it is rewarded. This encourages the dog to repeat these behaviours in the future. We also advocate the teaching of impulse control via incompatible behaviours – ie, the dog cannot jump up on a visitor because they have been taught to sit when greeting people.

Dogs learn mainly by association, so creating predictable and positive outcomes for desirable behaviours is by far the most efficient and effective way to teach your dog. This philosophy can be used when training anything from manners, tricks, to high level obedience exercises. Dogs require repetition and consistency so that they can learn what is expected of them, and the more consistent the training, the faster the dog will learn.

At BDOC you will learn about the different ways to get your dog to perform behaviours and the best ways to let them know that they are doing the right thing. We recognise that every dog is an individual and are motivated by different things, and so while most dogs at BDOC are trained using food rewards, we also encourage our handlers to seek out other forms of rewards, such as play, toys, and also life rewards.